Stencil Printers

Our SMT printers are affordable, easily operated but accurate stencil printers for both prototyping as well as small to medium size production.

PBT Works ranks among the world’s best known manufacturers of cleaning technology for electronic assembly and tooling. We keep up with the latest process innovations in microelectronic assembly and so we are able to offer many customized machines based on end-user specific requirements. Our mission is to implement research ideas into the most up to date equipment.

PBT Works is a Czech company with its own manufacturing facilities. 
Thanks to our 30-year tradition we gained a great deal of practical experience. Therefore, our machines and processes, which may often be considered extraordinary, became to be widely accepted. 

We base our design on research, trials and testing of every important aspect. Application of latest computing and simulation methods and close cooperation with universities and research institutes allow us to successfully deliver on even the most challenging projects. 

PBT Works is also producer of standalone solder paste printers for SMT application. The main focus is on table tops, suitable for laboratories, universities, R&Ds, start-ups and small production lines. 

With more than total of 4000 installations worldwide, we belong among the most popular manufacturers of cleaning and printing technology.

Semi-Automatic Printers

Semi-automatic programmable highly precise and flexible off line 23” and 29" stencil printers suitable for SMT production with camera guided alignment. 

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Manual Printers

Affordable highly accurate, robust and precise stencil printer. 

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Cleaning Systems production

PBT Works main business focus is a design and production of cleaning systems. Our machines are removing any contamination from electronic assemblies and micro-mechanical manufacturing processes.

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How to select a stencil printer? 

Our sales team and internationally renowned team of experts are more than willing to find the right stencil printer for your project and incorporate cleaning into your everyday business. The process starts with you. We deliver.  
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