About PBT Works

PBT Works is a Czech company with its own manufacturing plant. During 30 years in the business PBT is considered the world’s most known manufacturers of cleaning machines and stencil printers for electronic assembly and tooling.
30 year tradition
30 year tradition
Czech company
Since 1992
5 continents
46 countries
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PBT Guarantee
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About PBT Works

PBT Works ranks among the world’s best known manufacturers of cleaning technology for electronic assembly and tooling. We keep up with the latest process innovations in microelectronic assembly and so we are able to offer many customized machines based on end-user specific requirements. Our mission is to implement research ideas into the most up to date equipment.

PBT Works is a Czech company with its own manufacturing facilities. 
Thanks to our 30-year tradition we gained a great deal of practical experience. Therefore, our machines and processes, which may often be considered extraordinary, became to be widely accepted. 

We base our design on research, trials and testing of every important aspect. Application of latest computing and simulation methods and close cooperation with universities and research institutes allow us to successfully deliver on even the most challenging projects. 

PBT Works is also producer of standalone solder paste printers for SMT application. The main focus is on table tops, suitable for laboratories, universities, R&Ds, start-ups and small production lines. 

With more than total of 4000 installations worldwide, we belong among the most popular manufacturers of cleaning and printing technology.


R & D

We base our design on research, trials and testing of every important detail. 

We apply the most advanced computing and simulation methods in our design and cooperate closely with universities and research institutes. It allows us to solve even the most challenging projects. Our design team converts research ideas into into state-of the-art equipment.



Our company currently counts over 80 employees. We work hard every day to meet the expectation of all our customers. Whether it is in the metal and welding workshop, procurement or final assembly, our main goal is to keep the highest standard of quality in the dynamic growth environment, where innovations and customisations keep constantly materialising. We document every part and process through an introduced SPC, so that we are able to provide support to machines and supply original parts for every customer all around the world for the entire life of the machine.

The highest quality

We know, that producing top quality products can only be reached when the entire company and all its employees are fully engaged. Satisfaction of our customer needs is a permanent part of our daily job. Quality and on time delivery is for us of utmost importance. It is a base for cooperation with our customers.


Our quality strategy is based on continuous process and product improvements. 

Respect for customer

We reflect customer needs, requirements and expectations. We always offer  a solution. 

Economy and effectiveness

Corresponding ISO certifications confirm the effectiveness of our quality management
ISO 9001   ISO 14001

Our values

We aim to meet our customers' needs. In order to achieve that, we have to uphold three major ideals.
 aim to et our customers' needs. In order to reach that, we are managing three major important skills


Strong machine concepts with patented designs. 


Be global, act local. Worldwide support.

We want to become a long term partner – not just sell, but set up as well. 


Protect natural resources and Promote environmental awareness.

We make the future sustainable and take responsibility for the environment. We practice active risk management and follow ISO  14001.


Our company currently counts over 80 people. We work hard every day to meet the needs of all our customers. 

Whether it is in the metal work pre-production, parts procurement or assembly, our main concern is keeping the top notch quality in the dynamic growth environment, with instantly coming innovations and customization. We are always in the lookout for motivated and creative people who can push us further. 
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Cleaning Machines production

PBT Works main business focus is a design and production of cleaning machines. Our machines are removing any contamination from electronic assemblies and micro-mechanical manufacturing processes.

Cleaning Machines

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